„Taste the colors of life, anytime, anywhere”

„Smakuj kolory życia, zawsze tam, gdzie jesteś”


We offer our consumers the highest quality of products.

What makes us stand out is process innovation and taking care of good relations with our workers and customers.

Our main goals are running an ethical business, sustainable development, respecting the environment and corporate social responsibility. We believe that these values can help us become successful.

We offer our Consumers five outstanding flavors at a time served according to Their suggestions and seasonal inspirations.

What makes Mniamoo stand out?

  • high quality
  • handmade production
  • artisan recipes of delicious ice cream
  • interesting and unusual flavors
  • meeting the expectations of even the most demanding Consumers
  • taking care of every scoop

eco cups

As we live in the XXI century, ecology should be a priority for us. Mniamoo ice cream cups were made with respect of the environment!

Mniamoo ice cream is packed in eco-friendly cups that let you enjoy our amazing taste everywhere you want.

All the parts of our packaging are recyclable.